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Health Benefits & Uses of Blue Miracle


Blue Miracle has  natural  ingredients that stimulate the skin to perform functions such as oil production and hydration. Our skin sags  as we age  and  is exposed  to  free radicals everyday. Blue Miracle  have these benefits  to help us  combat the  free-radicals and Germs around us.

  • helps FIRM the skin by balancing moisture beneath the surface.  It keeps mucous membranes moist and increases cell regeneration, giving the skin greater elasticity.

  • EXFOLIATES the outer layer of dead skin cells, unclogging pores and preparing the skin for deep absorption of emollient oils.  It  is gentle enough to use on the face or more sensitive areas.

  • helps BOOST the immune system by penetrating into the skin, strengthening the blood vessel walls.

  • helps STIMULATES circulation of the blood and lymph

  • REMOVES dirt and dead skin cells

  • ENABLES better uptake of moisturizers and other skin care products

  • helps  HEAL AND RESTORE balance in the body.

  • Blue Miracle is also ANTI-BACTERIAL, purifying the skin while promoting new cell growth.
  • Blue MIRACLE ACTS LIKE A MAGNET, pulling heavy metals and low-level radiation from the body.


Blue Miracle multi-purpose cleaner is rich in minerals and negative ions.  It contains high quality sodium carbonate extracted from sea water.  As skin care, the cleaning and nourishing effect of Blue Miracle is similar to that of a hot spring.  As an all around cleanser, it disinfects, deodorizes, and decomposes dirt on affected areas.  It’s main ingredients are:

–          Ionized mineral extraction from Salt Lake (Trace minerals Utah)

–          Sea water

–          High quality coconut oil extracts

–          Sodium carbonate

–          Sodium sulfate

–          Concentrated minerals (magnesium, sodium, calcium,selenium)

Edible raw materials based on ancient Chinese formulation and Sea Energe theory.




For Personal Care (Hygiene All-in-One)

Facial Cleanser – thorough cleanse the skin of excess oil, and exfoliates all impurities

Direction:  apply small amount onto face and gently massage in circular motion

Shampoo regular use will result in soft and shiny hair. Its mineral content will make hair stronger and firmer within 15 days of use.

Direction:  Wet hair and use Blue Miracle as you would with regular shampoo but in smaller amount.

Body Wash and as Deodorant – an everyday feeling of freshness and cleanliness.  It nourishes the skin leaving it radiant and younger looking.

Direction:  pour small amount on loofah, nylon scrubber  or towel then scrub your body as you would with any body wash.

Feminine Wash – feeling of freshness throughout the day.  Eliminates odor and eliminate bacteria and fungi.

Direction:  apply small amount directly to the area then rinse with water.

Male Hygiene – apply blue Miracle   on  the  scrotum and surrounding areas, no need to rinse.

Direction:  apply small amount as you would a cream or lotion.

Toothpaste – prevents tooth decay, helps heal  gingivities , eliminates bad breath and ease tooth aches.

Direction:  wet toothbrush and apply 3 drops of Blue Miracle then brush.


Athlets Foot (as Anti-fungal) – eliminates odor and treats athletes foot.  It is anti-bacterial, great as disinfectant and antiseptic.

Direction:  Immerse affected area in warm water with Blue miracle, then dry. Or use as lotion on affected area.

For Household Detergent (cleanser)

Bathroom Fixtures – cleanse and disinfects

Direction: Toilet Bowl – Apply or spray Blue Miracle directly, leave overnight then scrub and clean. Bathtub, sink, tiles and faucet – apply the product then scrub and clean.

Kitchenware – easily cleanse out dirt and oil from trays, pots, and pans, making them clean and sparkling.

Direction:  Scrub pots and pans as you would with detergents.  For tough dirt apply Blue Mirracle on surface and let it stand for 5 minutes before wiping or scrubbing it.

Glass-Glassware – easier cleaning and shiny effect on  glass.

Direction:  Apply or spray directly on surfaces to clean, then scrub or wipe.

Jewelry and Accesories –  removes stains and decomposes dirt.  Helps maintain the quality and sparkle of jewelries and accessories

Direction:  Soak in warm water with few drops of Blue Miracle added.

Laundry – clean stains, dirt and disinfect clothes.

Directionuse as laundry detergent, for best results, soak clothes longer and use warm water to enhance its cleaning effects.


For Health Remedies

Muscle and Joint Relaxant – Relieves pain and relaxes muscles.

Direction:  apply small amount onto the affected area, slightly massage and leave it on.

Insect repellant – helps repel insect and household pests such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, roaches, etc.

Direction:  Use as lotion on exposed body parts to repel  mosquitoes.  Spray on probable areas where insects usually dwell.

First- Aid for

Tooth Ache


Open wounds

Insect bites

Bactericidal and fungicidal

Diarrhea (LBM)

Other uses of Blue Miracle

Fruits and Vegetable Wash – decomposes pesticides and fertilizer residues present and enhances freshness.

Plants and Soil – Kills harmful insects and improves soil texture damaged by pesticides and fertilizer chemicals.

Direction: Use as a fungicidal and spray unto trees, plants and flowers.

Pets and Animals –  for pet body wash and as disinfectant, anti-bacteria antiseptic on open wounds.


“Having a small bottle of BLUE MIRACLE Super Liquid


4 Responses to "Health Benefits & Uses of Blue Miracle"

how about if we use blue miracle for water intake, what is the ratio in a glass of water

Blue miracle is excellent for alkalizing your drinking water. Since it is anti-bacteria, it is recommended to mix with your drinking water specially if you are not sure of the water you are drinking and a great first aid for digestive problems and diarrhea. It is natural and suppose to be no overdose but I use 3 drops per glass of water. Makes the water smoother and with a bit of a bitter taste. Drink it straight so you feel the bitter taste only at the end.

is it ok to drink water with blue miracle and apply BM to affected areas of my body at the same time?am i not be over dose to that?will it give a negative effect if i will do that?

Hi Belle,

Yes, put a few drops of Blue Miracle in your glass of water. It kills bad bacteria and alkalize your drinking water. In your body it helps remove toxic bacteria and it is good for digestive problems specially diarrhea(LBM).

Apply it as lotion to your skin problems. In open wounds it will dry the wound in a few minutes and disenfect it.

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